Railwire portal and internet password change

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I changed my billing portal and Internet login password from the portal around 7 pm.
And then when I reconnected the internet, it stopped working at night around 9.30 pm.

There was already a server issue under my LCO.
After discussing with Customer Care guys (MSP) in the morning, I was told I should not change the billing portal password by myself. For this, I should always ask LCO or Customer guys.
Because I changed the password by myself, my internet won't work for 24hrs.

Can anyone confirm whether it's true or not?

What I think is they are trying to hide their server problem and putting this blame on me.

P.S: The internet was not working for around 18hrs, After 2hrs of the phone call with the CC guys, I got a msg saying my internet password is changed. and this time the password was reverted to my old password. I dialed with the old password and the internet started working.
This is not true...
I had changed my both Billing Portal and Internet Login Password 1month back and I didn't face any such issue...
I have also chamged the internet password and every device i connect to the router shows no internet... I have contacted with the CC and they said that there is no problem from the backend... He said that he will come and check the router...