Random curses..obviously for Sify

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these son of....guns will never grow up...Again they have put silly conditions on CTOs. What the heck !This is nothin but plain gunda raaj, i donno till wen ppl will have to put up with this knda crap in delhi atleast.I plan to kick off a company......to beat these B@$7r7d$ in their own domain.Lets see what happens.I'm still not feelin better......3ff3r$....may God screw their @$$3$ with really broad(band) thing.
what conditions ? Surjeet
Its like they have again asked to keep some money with Sify as security from CTOs.The amount wich they have asked equals my 3 months earnin (atleast) from the same busienss....!@#!@#@#$%#%@#%$%&^!#$%^^$&*$#%
Now i'm gonna put service charge on Sify customers....otherwise these guys just wont let CTOs play it fair.Sorry guys....i'v been forced .
What happen to that case of MR Raheja ?I guess i'll join him openly now. these...................only if i wasnt a normal member i wud have used Right of Free Speech 😛 on this forum

heh. CTOs have same rights to get angry with sify as we do. u are their customer as well in ur own terms.as per ur reports... its about time my CTO comes to me asking for a fee.
Correct me if I'm wrong, I think CTO stands for Cable TV Operator and I know BA stands for Business @$$ociate. So the former is your local cablewallah who's also taken up a Sify franchise and the latter is a non cablewallah franchisee of Sify 😀