Received ₹945 Bill for ₹499 BSNL Fiber Plan 😟 !

BSNL Fiber
I received my first BSNL FIber bill today. I had opted for 200 GB CUL Plan for ₹499 + tax.



I had cancelled my previous Landline + Broadband Plan.

I had also requested for the refund of my old security deposit via letter. When I enquired about the security deposit I made during Landline phone many years back, I heard different opinion from BSNL employees. One said that, because I am taking fiber connection, they will adjust the old security deposit with the new fiber connection, another lady told me to attach the attested bank pass book front page with the request and they will sent it to the bank account directly.

I had opted for 200 GB CUL Plan for ₹499 + tax.

Today, when the bill came they have charged 1000 rs as one time charge and then gave 759 discount !

I cannot make sense of this bill !
Indicate the billing period also. From the "recurring charges" amount, it seems bill has been generated for non standard period. They seems to have given a credit of 759.13 against deposit of earlier connection.



182 + 370 = 552 ( this accounts for recurring charge )

945 - 552 = 393 ( Where does this come from )

Also 1000 Rs are charged, where is it reflected ?


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Could you please show the relevant parts of the bill where it shows the one time charges? The Rs 250 is the activation/installation charge from BSNL.

The 4GB CUL plan, was that your previous DSL plan which you were using till Aug 9?

I am still curious as to why there is another Rs 750 added to the one time charge. There should only be Rs 250 plus plan deposit of Rs 500.
this is interesting i am on the same boat, cancelled a long standing adsl line ( 3 years) and took their fibre plan through a lco. they told me to give a passbook of the account and they will refund into that, need to call and clarify if this has been done, i just got the fiber pulled by the lco today, but they are not gonna splice anything in, as they are saying they will wait till i receive the ont which i ordered from multilink which seems to have been lost by proffesional courier( absolutely braindead courier company, don't want to go into a rant about them) , the lco is saying splicing will disrupt internet of the other customers so they will only do it after i get my ont, this makes no sense to me, but at this point i don't have an ont so i have bigger problems i guess

i will look out if they are planning on having the security adjusted on my first bill as well and call them to confirm, thanks for posting this and do you mind saying how much the security was? i don't remember it was 3 years ago

They have charged 250 Rs installation + 500 Rs deposit = 750 Rs.
Then They have given 100% discount of instalation + 100% discount of deposit = -750Rs.

There is no mension of 1000 Rs anwhere on the bill except the Bill summary (as one time charge)

Isn't it normal 1000 Rs One time charge or should I enquire before paying ?

I just called bsnl as i took the same 499rs plan as you and this it he breakdown the woman gave me that i can expect for my first bill

250rs installation charge
500 rs broadband first time charge
350 Rs for voice installation charge

and then the recurring 594 rs charge

this is what she said i can expect for my first bill

look at your bill you are charged 594 reccuring charge and then 350 Rs for voice installation for a total of 944 Rs , i hope i get the same discount as well, did you do anything to avail these discounts ?