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One more time i will use sify ( i think) since touchtell is comming soon after making threats towards the guy who should put the connection here ( even THEY are soo annoying , they say they call: they dont call, they say they come: they dont come) but now after being really rude they finally come 🙂anyway.. i wanna have a new 3-months-crappack expires in a week time.What is good for me?I download all day long,, specially between 10am~10pm , i come home and then i want to surf, chat and download some things again, from lets say 11pm to 2am, not everyday thoughthe rest of the night (2am to 10am) i put my comp off most of the time, not always.My comp is like a vacuumcleaner, lots of noice so i dont like to hear that when i sleepSo.. bring on the recommendations!Its only for 1 month!(if someone else would have posted this,my answer would be: DOnt even think about giving these d1ckwads a single rupee of your money,... but hey,... that is me! 😛 )any1?
Try the Night Unlimited 128 kbps pack. It just costs Rs. 360 and the price is expected to go up. You get decent speeds on the same. I get a consistant 120 kbps. 🙄 And it works only from 9 PM - 9 AM. I am told that there's going to be an upward revision of the prices soon. 🙁

nope. thats why u get good speeds at night. they rob us the shared connection users. :lol:
between 9am and 9pm no connection? lol.. what a jokeThis i cannot use, i am gone all day and i ant to downloadstuff during that time.. i dont wanna do that atnight cuz then i like to relax, play some games etc etc... so it wont work outThe fan maks a lot of noise so leaving the comp on downloading everynight is not something i like that muchGuess there is no good package.The 64kbps is 6 hours limit.. lol..what a bunch of retards @ sifyguess i go for 48kbpsand they even want to raise the price of 128kbps? hahahahahaEveryday i get more and more disgusted with Sify,
i am on 48. and the 75 meg limit seems to drop in sometimes. soemtime its good 5-6 KBps. rest of the time its worse than 3-4KBps. nights are better. but as another post of mine says...sify puts no minimum speed guarantee on a package coming with shared feature. and there is the 75meg a day limit which they told me on the phone but mention no where on the package page... atleast it was not the last time I saw! 🙂

Few days to go and i need rechargestill didnt decided which onei think the 48kbps,... sigh
128 night is the only package that is worth the price somewhere. 48 shared seems to be the only package that fits your requirement.
Now that BSNL is offering Dial Up at around Rs 10 per hr (including call charges) and around Rs 5 on Sundays and Nights......Sify seriously needs to review its broadband packagesSorry for being off topic.....I use Sify's 64kbps Family offers me 40 hrs and validity of 2 free browsing on sundays at Rs 800 plus taxes and service charges
dialup in india is nowhere compared to dialup in developed countries. i have friends who get 15KBps download speeds on dialups in ireland. but well sify 48kbps for me at day time s*cks compared to dialup we used to get... so its a good step.what i need is a 64kbps+ pure connection full time. and i had be happy to pay 1200-1500 bucks for it. trust me, this is not a unreasonable demand. but sify cant provide it to me and there is nothing else around.what really should kick start the market is BSNL entering the broadband market. they would drive the prices down and speeds up.