Recommendations for Computer Speakers?

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I currently have a pretty old set of 4.1 speakers from Creative. They have served me well but it seems that I have damaged something which is making me consider a replacement finally.

Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for the same. 2.1 should be good enough. I am considering not getting a subwoofer this time around because most of my usage is media consumption and not music listening. And my current speakers are giving me a lot of problem focusing on dialogues in movies and tv shows especially since whatever damaged I caused by letting them run at really high volume on very screeching music accidentally.

There is a possibility that some setting change might fix the issue I am facing. But I have literally tried everything. The problem started after Windows 10 2004 update. Though not sure if it is the reason for it. Have tried multiple drivers (latest from realtek website, latest on windows update) but nothing seems to have helped. dialogues are way too soft. background music is way too loud. it's insane to keep on changing volume while watching the video content because of this problem.

This video is a good example.


If I keep the volume high enough for the starting music to not get too loud... I just cannot hear the dialogs when the guys appear on screen.

Turns out I can only hear the guys when both YouTube and my system's volume is at full. But that's insanely loud for the music at the start of the video. Pretty fucked up.
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If you have the budget, try out the THX certified speakers.
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what computer i am using? i mean how does that relate to my speaker requirement 😕 i am using a desktop with an intel processor and msi motherboard. realtek is the audio chip provider.

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to install microsoft HD audio driver follow this
note choose HD Audio Device Version dated 06/05/2020
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I thought I was the only one facing this problem with dialogues and sudden increase in background music, and for this reason I started using earphones while watching anything. It works fine while streaming YouTube though. My speakers are pretty old too.
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I Have been experiencing same problem with low voice over headphones. If I am using vlc it could be somehow managed, but on YouTube if the default audio itself is low then I can barely listen to anything.
This thing happened more so after that stupid 2004 update.
Hoping for a fix from Microsoft. If nothing comes, will have to get a new headphone.

P. S- general advice to anyone. Never buy Sony headphones which are cheap.
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