Redgear L-Claw Mechanical Keyboard

Redgear L-Claw Mechanical Keyboard

so bought this during the recent sale. had to replace my aging tvs gold. this was a cheap model. even cheaper than what i paid for tvs gold many many years ago.

initial reaction? this keyboard would take a while to get used to. biggest issue is key design change. enter key is smaller which means that some of the surrounding keys are positioned differently compared to the tvs gold. i have been hitting a lot of wrong keys as a result. expected. annoying. but probably a short term issue.

the other major issue is that on tvs gold... most part of the key height is part of the keyboard body. in this keys are completely exposed. which makes them feel a lot high as you have to hover your fingers at a higher position. sort of annoying. but kind of amusing.

i also think that this is making a lot more noise compared to tvs gold. keys are of different make. maybe that's the issue. or maybe tvs gold had become old enough for me to not notice the sound that much? time will tell.

overall... this seems nice. lighting effects are useless for me. i might turn on the backlight sometimes. but seems like something that would be a botheration during media watching. but good to have that feature.

i think this is a solid product for 1900 bucks. if anyone is looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard.

manual for records.
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