Rediffmail offering unlimited storage to their email users

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Rediffmail offering unlimited storage to their email users
Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail might be the most popular web mail services out there but Rediff continues to remain a popular choice in the Indian market.
The company has been innovative and has been keeping up with the global challengers with their Rediffmail service.
Rediffmail has now announced that [...]
For the normal user, this is of no use. I've been using GMail for 3 years, never deleted a mail (I always archive them), still I haven't managed to accumulate more than 750 MB of storage. So unlimited storage space is of no use to me.
if you compare the speed between the two servies, rediff is way faster due to their indian servers. i cannot trust them though. but its fun to surf around their webmail to see how fast the access is.
GMail isn't HTML, it's a whole environment. It's about 160 KB, which is downloaded before the page starts loading.

Gmail makes intensive use of Ajax (specifically, the AjaXSLT framework), employing modern browser features such as JavaScript, keyboard access keys and Web feed integration, allowing for a rich user experience, while retaining the benefits of a web application.[/b]
rediffmail uses ajax massively too. so does yahoo! mail beta. so does microsoft live mail. rediff is the only one of the three which would load instantenously in first try.