Reliance Blue Magic

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Ambani Bros are very clever...they will not disclose the plans before launching Reliance Blue magic. "Mera Baap ka Sapna, sab ka mal apna"
Hey I read somewhere that Reliance will provide DTH along with high speed broadband service. Hey anybody know anything about it??
i think they are going to provide the broadband service with it.......even zee is planning to provide bb service with its dth....and after all its reliance, and the name sounds cool too, bluemagic....!
ummm... Tata already has a broadband service!!

I mean Tata Sky having broadband service. Like a triple play service or something? Or maybe a Tata Sky broadband package not a Tata broa\dband.
and whom do u think would provide the broadband to Tata Sky users? tata broadband division of course. this would just get them another medium to reach homes. backend remains the same.