Reliance Comm To Unveil Iptv By End Of 2008

umm. the days are gone when reliance had the potential to enter any market and kick some ass. esp the reliance which is owned by anil ambani. the reliance owned by mukesh ambani? that's the reliance which kick asses.
I remember in 2002, there used to be articles in the newspapers about them launching their broadband service. Its been 5 years , and nothing!They got too occupied with their mobile biz, and in the companies point of view - rightly so.
ya even i agree it would have been much better with mukesh ambani. afterall the whole infocomm project was his dream.they have been working on broadband and iptv since a very long time. i think they started everything alongwith mobile biz. i had been to the inaugration of reliance infocomm in DAKC and had got to see quite a lot of interesting stuff. they had displayed something about video on demand and some other stuff. they had told they would be providing these broadband and iptv services sometime. i actually dont remember what it was.they had to work on the mobile biz soon because they had entered pretty late with a tough competition already going on, and boy did they do that with a bang!anyways broadband has been really catching up just now and will take some more time for dth and iptv services. i think it wont be a problem for them if they take some more time, although maybe they shouldn't take too much time. ofcourse its quite bad news for us, we might like them to start the service a lot sooner. 🙁
reliance has now somewhat become a not so hot player in the mobile market as well. tata indicom has better packages and even better mobile phones. GSM is becoming hot again. and it is also pretty clear that Reliance Communications wants to switch to GSM services from CDMA.
that chotta brother is a real thief all he want is to create shareholder value (includes himself 😉 ).Remember the (Guru) movie on life of DBA, these Ambani lads could do anything to create profitthats what they learned form there father.
from what i see the elder brother is investing in safer old generation industries which are sure to generate profits for the shareholders. the younger brother is investing in new age companies which are riskier. adlabs, radio... duh. retailing is where the growth lies and that is where mukesh is investing. 🙂