Reliance Jio Fiber is deceiving customers

Jio Fiber
As jio keeps bragging about, Jio with loooong delays upgraded the plans for existing customer's to match with the new plans but when I recharged for new plan to keep it in queue as I always do to prevent later rush and discontinuation They actually eliminated and removed the added upgrade and benefits as told by their customer care later on when I reached out to them. And I end up with data been throttled at 1Mbps since I already consumed 400gb of old Silver plan beforehand.
And they didn't felt like to share such information on paper or made the customer aware off before taking actions, neither they lay out such important information to public.
Not only In this they are misguiding and deceiving us customers in many other ways as lot of you already aware off.
God knows how far they can reach by doing such deceitful and fraudulence business and abusing, ill treating and taking advantage of we Customer's.
It must be a technical glitch. Queuing the plan should not make any changes to your existing benefits.