Reliance Jio Set Top Box (STB) Disabled

New Delhi
Jio and Airtel
Well I just got a new JIO connection and the STB was working fine but since a week it has stopped working basically the STB is now disabled as I am connected to a Non-Jio Network.

So basically let me give a heads up that I have 2 internet connection Airtel upto 40 Mbps and Jio 150 Mbps both modems are giving their input to my pfsense Firewall which then distributes or shares the internet over my entire house where there are about 4~5 additional routers which are being used as wifi extenders.

Now I am told by the Jio person that I need to attach the STB directly to my Jio Modem which is not possible since my STB is on Ground Floor and Jio Modem is on 2nd floor so I just want to give all people a heads up that if you are using your own infrastructure then don't buy JIO STB instead buy a Firestick or MiBox for TV since Jio STB is very closed and does not allow for alot of freedom.

I am attaching an image for the error as well. Also just for the record I am using airtel internet only as backup now or for my VPN connections and JIO STB is able to run other apps like Sony Liv, Hotstar and Amazon Prime from the Remote's A-B-C-D buttons but voice search + volume UP down is not working since its blocked.

Let me know if anyone wants more information. I would just use Jio till Airtel comes up with FTTH at my location and then I would dump JIO or reduce it to a lower plan for say 399 as a backup once AIRTEL is on with FTTH


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Pi-Hole DHCP has seemed to kill my STB and JioVoice too. Disabling IPv6 support over the Pi-Hole’s DHCP option seems to resolve the problem but that eliminates the entire point of running a network-wide ad blocker as most of the sites resolves through IPv6 addresses and IPv4 is just a fallback on Jio’s network.

Jio is really killing the net neutrality.
Other people on this forum already gave up on bridging Jio modems. Only thing you can do is maybe an AP.
use wifi from jio ont.
If not reaching there.
1. place jio ont near stb. lan cable to stb from jio ont.
3. Buy any android stb like mi box and use. we can side load apps in that.

Airtel is shit, than jio. Their stb is 3500 something and we have to pay 150 every month for using.
Pretty shitty move, but not unexpected.

You can use your own AP though it that's an option. I use my own AP, and Jio's wifi is turned off. All devices are connected to AP, including the JIO STB.
Same here ..... few days back i got a new router and today I checked ... STB is disabled

here is my setup Jio Gateway (with DMZ) >> EdgeRouter X >> AP

exploring the options in my edgerouter for a work around.

So, better to get a lower plan without STB and use firestick and OTT own subscriptions. If everyone switches to lower plans, JIO would be forced to rethink its strategy.
Lower plans also have lower speeds, people on higher plans are there for a reason. Jio will stay as is.😕