Reliance Jio Sim Card Lost: How to get a new one during lockdown?

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I need some urgent help. My uncle who is in Pune misplaced his Jio sim card when he removed it from his mobile. How can he get a new sim with the same number? I suppose the old sim will have to be blocked first.
Can this be done online? Because he says that the jio customer care is giving automated responses to his mail.
airtel does not need old sim for replacement. they do it on their system. can ask the local jio store tomorrow if they are open.
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Tell him to visit the nearest Jio store alongwith some ID proof (preferably Aadhaar) and they should be able to give him a replacement SIM. Not sure whether the store would be open since Pune is in Red Zone.
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Thanks for your responses. They blocked the sim and told to visit nearest Jio store. Don't know if the stores are open or not.
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around my place, company owned outlets are not open (airtel and idea) but franchisees have opened their outlets (jio and vodafone) so it might be possible. officially telecom companies are not opening their stores from my understanding.
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Yes @socrates. In Mumbai, some Jio stores are opening. Don't know what is the condition in Pune. I have told my uncle. He will be checking tomorrow.
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