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some of them are pwas. basically the web edition wrapped inside an app. google maps go i believe is a good example. some are quite usable.

what i am saying is android phones are already cheap enough. it's better to get a second hand phone then to get a shitty new android go edition phone because you get crippled apps.

there is a good reason android go flopped. you do not really save much money. but you get a much worse phone. i mean this phone is not going to sell for 3-4K. maybe it would. reliance would probably make it a refundable scam thing like they did with jiophone to avoid paying gst on it. but it would be pretty useless for most tasks. it is definitely going to struggle with home classes for kids. limited storage would make it useless for whatsapp. no one is making android go devices. not mi. not samsung. it is just pointless.

Instead of making low end phones why can't jio or other mobile operators in india can't give high end phones like iPhone 12 for 2 year contract on their postpaid plans like US carriers. I love to see jio offer iphone 12 with their ₹399 postpaid plan for 2 year contract