Request: Sony and Nokia cell phone review


Airtel (512kbps)
I'm planning to buy a budget is anything below 16.i'm basically looking for 1-2GB mem & 2mp camera. i did a lot of research and shortlisted SE W830i and N70(music edition).is anyone using either of these phones, if yes, i wud like to know any good or bad point which might help me choose.
motoming would fit in that budget. with spare cash for the memory chips.
i don wan touch screen, i've seen my friends gettin sick of pullin out that writing stick again n again and then eventually start using fingers instead.
When I was researching my phone, I found youtube to be a very useful place to go.
been using w830i for about 3 months now.. gr8 fone.. even my frnds having n 7 series says its better thn theirs. bought it for 18k.. dunno the current prices.
i have no trust in any .in site 😗yeah i see the irony in that statement.
yeah i see the irony in that statement.

Considering u have all ur sites on .in domains