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OBC: We are the original backward country so India team should be given the world cup.judge: Aren’t all teams equal in the game - you can compete with hardwork and win.OBC: We cant compete with AUS,SA,NZ & WI teams - We have always believed that they are from forward countries and so that is reason enoughjudge: on what basis do you say the cup should be reserved for you.OBC: look, we were already big in number in 1931 and anyway our population has multiplied, so we should definitely get this without any scrutiny of judgementjudge: im not asking about the numbers - on what basis you claim backwardnessOBC: We have never played world cup for 5000 years. Traditionally the game has been dominated by teams from Aus,SA,NZ,WI which are forward countries, so they should not be in the competition.judge: wait - are you saying that world cup has been there for 5000 years and denied to you. The so called forward country teams are no different from you today, You have as much cricket land, wealth, coaches as they do - is there any proof?OBC: we always believe in this theory of the FC domination as it makes us feel deservingjudge: Isnt this against the principle of equality and merit?OBC: thats why we say give it to us as they have won this more times than us.judge: but you are also capable of winning the cup on your own - you have won this in 1983.OBC: As you have agreed that we are capable of winning, merit is also not compromised!judge: What about pakistan,bangladeshOBC: they are religious minorities and so we dont include them in considerationjudge: what about Srilanka\ bermuda (SC\ST) - are you more deserving than them ?OBC: we cant get humilated by competing with Srilanka and they have been given chances for winning in the past - they can get Asia cup after we take world cup, We are much bigger in numbers compared to SriLanka, so we are more deservingjudge: OBC teams are only fond of thrashing bermuda ( the Dalits) ?OBC: That competition is something we can do for anymore number of yearsjudge: why dont you get rid of corruption ( match fixing) and have better selectors( leaders) and coaches(training) so that you can compete in a fair way ? You are the one who picks them.OBC: Those are not relevant - getting rid of FC teams is our only goal. you are not a fair judgejudge: when i rule in favour sometimes like the ICC rules, World cup venue ( Cauvery dispute etc), you preach my ruling as god, now you say, im biased.