Resetting BSNL Modem (Huwaei SmartAX 882) in PPoE mode automatically for night usage


Hi there, I have night unlimited plan of BSNL 500,
which provides free, unmeterd download from 2 AM to 8 AM....And I am using Huwaei SmartAX 882 modem...

I have been downloading stuffs via uTorrent for some time now.......Keeping up all night and sleeping in morning hour...But now its not possible enough as my college will be opening in some time,

So I was searching something in this relation, and heard that it is quite possible to reset the modem during night hour ( i.e by 2 AM) by using some script....(So that we are segregated from normal hours)

And then we can use Task Scheduler to start uTorrent, hence download kick starts automatically........

So please help in this direction, so that I just have to keep my modem on at the time I go to sleep (suppose 11PM or 12:10 AM) with no downloads going on..

And with uTorrent close( however the download are kept started or paused while closing it, so that they can resume whrn uTorrent starts!!!), which also gets started after modem gets resetted (obviously this will happen with Task Scheduler help)

I suppose you people have understand what I want, I want all things to get executed automatically in PPPoE mode only!!!!!

1) Give some specific explanation and mention it step by step
2) Provide link to the script as necessary!!!!!!!
3) And if some screenshots that can help your explaination, then dont hesitate to post them as well!!!!

Edit: People please dont get agitated, thinking I am asking for help,. and am being so bold and demanding....... Actually I got some scripts and support in this relation some days back, but I was not succesfully implemented......
Simply use Imran's Broadband Helper Utility or switch to bridge mode and use the batch files written in notepad.

rasdial BSNL username password

rasdial BSNL/disconnect

Hmm.... I suppose the software works fine in PPPoE mode.....

With the modem kept on...... And it automatically gets resetted at 2:02
^^K.....this tool is also not working....Is there any problem in my config, or is this a problem with Win7....I wonder why not its working, I have kept default setting in my modem...Gateway being id, password being default as well ===>>admin,admin....I wonder whats the problem!!!!!
witout any schedulers, does your modemconnect to Internet after disconnection and restart ?I have a problem in "Always On" mode.If power fails ,even though all settings are correct, I have to open the SUMMARY page and click the "NOTE" icon against vpi/vci 0 35.( Green button "ON") wait about 30 seconds.Do you face similar problem if you are usingDialer mode.? or "Always On " mode.


K I enabled telnet in Windows 7......Now the telnet command worked......
But the


command didnt,....

I also checked there in the manpage (when I enter ""?"").......... though reboot is not there .....but other commands which are there..... When I type them in.....Still still they donot work!!!

Maybe Win 7 must have this problem, maybe due to security or something!!!! ..... That it is not accepting these commands???

Anybody with Windows 7, who have used this reset stuff...... And is facing problem....
Even if you dont need it (atleast if you have BSNL connection)......pleace try(test) and tell me if it works......

Try using the commands

telnet 23

then enter id, pass - admin, admin...

Then test whether ""reboot"" command works on Windows 7 or not....
If not, please somebody can get me with the solution!!!!!

==>> For sure there is problem is accepting the reboot command,.....
And obviously if the command itself is not accepted ....Then how will the modem reset...
(Evene earlier.....when I was using complete set of coding.......everything opened...but there was a problem in accepting the reboot command)

So Win 7 user please try it and tell your experience!!!!!