Review about Siti Fiber

Dehradun, India
I think SITI broadband is laying fibre optical in my nearby area and soon launching in Dehradun as per my LCO information.
Its good where Jio and Airtel is not be able to reach SITI will reach.

So i need a review of SITI Broadband/ FTTH Connection in your area.

I'm getting for Heavy downloads for my Audio Production little bit of gaming and College Work-Con. Calls

I request all to please reply in below format.
1.Which Brand router they provide and what they charge for Installation if wiring is done so at what price.
2.What is theoretical speed vs actual speed you have opted.

I will be glad if you guys will help me out.
I have Siti Broadband in Kolkata - RJ45 Cable based Connection

1. You can use your own router - My LCO provides Mercusys router (Single Band 2.4 Ghz with 300 mbps speed and 100 Mbps Ethernet) if I want to buy from them. Installation cost was Rs. 1000 for wiring ( about 30 meters from my house)

2.Theoritical Speed - 60 mbps but currently due to some issue they have limited it to 30 mbps with actual speed being around 20-25 mbps

3.Conclusion - Dont opt for it as their customer service is worst. Everything is dependent on LCO. The connection can suddenly drop for hours to days without any notice.
Used Siti for 6 months (Till Mid Nov 2020) ! Have stopped now ! Would not recommend .
: UP east
Pros: The plans are one of the cheapest ( 530₹ 50 Mbps unlimited* )

Cons: Highly unstable network .One day you would have download speed issues , Some day upload speed issues. Another day my speed was restricted to 30 Mbps for 3 days ( because of some software issues) .
For the last 10 days faced extreme congestion ( Was getting 15-25 Mbps for 50 Mbps plan)

Customer Service : Probably one of the worst. They will just call and give some shady execuses. For my congestion issue: The guy closed the complainant by saying Check speed only on Siti Broadband server on Ookla.

Everything depends on ur LCO : When ur LCO gets too much customers ,service will deteriorate to worse.( My LCO got frustrated with them and has started shifting existing Siti Customers to either railwire or BSNL FTTH)

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Hey Manish,

I have a connection in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Based on my experience, I would definitely not suggest anyone to opt for it. The following are the pros and cons:

1) Cheap plans
2) No installation charge

1) Inconsistent bandwidth. Sometimes the speed would be normal and most of the time it would be either half the plan or completely off.
2) The customer care workers have been trained to humiliate the customers. They abruptly ended my call several times when I was telling them about my problems.
3) The LCO just keeps making excuses for the poor performance.

I totally regret getting Siti connection. I am switching because I am done.