Router dongle modem that support CA preferably on Vi sim

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Guys I am getting very slow speed on my Jio connection here in Kolkata on my Pixel 2 XL. I tried my father's Vi sim and speed improved a lot.

I am planning to buy a router/modem/dongle that supports LTE CA on Vi sim( I have not got my hands on an Airtel sim to test speed). Does the 4G dongle or MiFi device that is provided by Vi support CA? Or Else could you suggest me a device that does so for good speeds.

Thank you !
The hotspot provided by Vi is a cat 4 device so it does not support CA, if you need a router that supports CA, consider TP-Link mr600 router, but i am not sure about its support on Vi network, if you need a portable hotspot, you have to import it from somewhere since no hotspot supports CA is not sold here.
I am planning to buy a outdoor modem for a WAN failover . I am considering this as it has CA . I have 3 sides of my houses surrounded , so no indoor signal

Have sent a pricing enquiry via mail . Will update it if you are interested . Suggestions for outdoor modem welcome. I initially thought of Alibaba , then ended up dumping the idea
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Thank you for your quick response Nitish? Shall I purchase (import) a portable hotspot or a low end phone in similar range that I can use as hotspot?

Btw which router would you suggest to import?

I looked at MR600 and found that it does not do 40 40 aggregation. People on TP-Link forums are switching to other router it seems.
Oh I did not notice that . The only thing I saw was it supported Bridging and CA . Now I will have to look again @varkey . Any suggestions ?. I had a 7 hour downtime today😑

@ishanjain28 Indoor modems are a big no actually . Very tightly packed surroundings with metal sheets and stuff . I need to hoist it on top of my terrace which has a direct line of sight with tower visible from my home
I am using TP-Link MR600 since May with Jio SIM. It supports 2CA and locks on to 3+40 or 5+40 depending upon the location in the house. Also acts as auto failover when connected to a WAN/Broadband