Router & ONU suggestion for local internet operator

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Airtel 4G
Hi guys, I'll probably be opting for a local internet provider who uses provides OFC 40Mbps @Rs 1000 pm (No FUP). The issue is that for installation he's asking 2800 for device cost alone. Adding all other installation paraphernalia its almost Rs 4300.

He's providing a Syrotech GOPON 1000R ONU for 1400 & some Tenda WiFi for Rs 1400.

I have two queries, first, can I purchase this ONU or some alternate at a better price from other place ?
Second, I've an old D-Link ADSL wifi router, so can I switch off DHCP in it, connect it to ONU & use it ? (Assuming ONU has DHCP & will be able to handle 4-5 devices at home)
1400 for the Syrotech basic ONU is an ok ish price. Perhaps get the ONU alone from the operator, and use your existing wireless router or get an Archer C6. Would not recommend the Tenda basic wireless router.
Thanks for the quick reply varkey. This ONU, can it be expected to handle 4-5 devices through the D-Link ? Or should I let go of this idea and get a new router entirely ?
Ty Varkey for the suggestion in anticipation as I most certainly would have asked for a router recommendation eventually 😉
I'm not willing to shell out a lot currently hence trying to manage it cheaply as reliability of the local internet provider is well..... Questionable probably.

P.s - I haven't been active much recently but I think I remember you from TE or E thread. Isn't it ?