Router to replace Nokia G-140W-F for Airtel Broadband?

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I have a 200Mbps connection with Airtel broadband and was looking for advice on two things (image shown above).

1. I don't get a great range with this router and was looking to replace it with something else with external antennas and such. Will that help with range? An extra 5 feet is also great. I know I could configure an AP with another router but honestly running the cable is a big headache in my house.

2. If that is true, what are some of my options? As you can see this is an ONT router and also has a TEL line attached to it to a landline phone right next to it. I saw some routers on Amazon but couldn't figure out if they would work here since I'm not very knowledgeable on this subject. Would help if you guys could give me some Amazon/Flipkart links.

I'm looking to spend anywhere from 0 - 3k on this. Can push it a bit more if I can get something really good.

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If you cannot connect in AP mode with being wired, why not try wirelessly(WDS)? Keep your tel line attached to Nokia while use Tp- link Archer A6/C6 or any other router for your range needs.
How far do you intend to keep your secondary router from Nokia one? Do a signal strength test if you are going wireless so that you don't suffer from speed drops.
Archer A6 or C6 are good for your needs.
I hadn't thought of this, will think about it. Isn't there any reduction in speed using this method? The plan would be to keep the other router in another room about 10 feet away with a wall in between.

Also, would the Archer A6/C6 also work as replacements for the Nokia one or are you only talking in terms of setting them up for WDS as a secondary router?
I am afraid it could be an issue in your case since you will be keeping your secondary router in another room with the wall as obstruction. Since you set it up wirelessly, the greater the distance, obstacles, the more it impacts your speeds. I have 100 Mbps line and I get 93 Mbps on my tv, full 100 on my mobile, mostly because the distance between two routers is less( around -65db for me)
You could finalise the spot by using wifi analyser app from play store and check for a sweet spot. Your ideal signal strength should be upto -65db. Anything more, you will see speed drops and fluctuations.
Or if are willing to spend a bit more, opt for mesh solution. TP-Link Deco is a good one with two pods. Gets rid of wiring and those range issues.
Network Signal App from play store should help you with this
@igloo can offer some more insights since he is using the same mesh solution.
No Archer won't be replacement since it's not an ONT.
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