S.h.i.t. Technology

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Here is a story of an Indian Engineer working in HM (Hindustan Motors) who was attending a conference @ Japan.All the big car manufacturers of many countries decided to ditch the Indian Car Manufacturing Industry HM. They decided to call an Engineer from each of the company to attend a conference in Japan. Each of the Engineers was supposed talk about the latest technology followed in their company. An American talked about the latest Automatic CNC Machines used in their company, a German Engineer stood up and explained their Production Management Techniques, an Australian explained about Computer Aided Manufacturing followed in their company, a Japanese Engineer explained how they used the JIT (Just In Time) technology in manufacturing cars effectively, the trouble Indian was worried as HM had no imporvements in their manufacturing processes neither did follow any management principles. Just as all the Engineers were passing sarcastic comments about the Indian Automotive Industry had some shit technology, the angered Indian stood up shrewdly and said "Yes! We follow the S.H.I.T Technology". Everyone wuz awestruck! They asked him "Wht Shit technology?" "Yes", replied the Indian. "The Japanese manufacture cars Just In Time while we manufacture cars Some How In Time! Thats S.H.I.T Technology for you!" This answer really hit all the other Engineers and they thought the Indians were more smart than them! PS: If you have heard this story or feel its boring then I'm sorry 4 dat! 😛