Santa Claus worm hitting messenger users online

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Christmas is just a couple of days away and the hackers have decided to make use of this festive occasion. A Santa Claus worm has been discovered in the wild and it is targeting the users of popular messenger applications from MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. It lures the targeted user into downloading a file and run it.

Security firms have named this worm IM.GiftCom.All and it tries to fool the victim into believing that an online buddy has sent them a link to a harmless Santa Claus file. If the victim downloads the file and runs it, he sees an image of the Santa Claus. However, in addition to displaying the image, it also installs a rootkit on their systems.

doesnt matter to the Linux user community even if they are using yahoo, msn or whatever! 😀
there are a lot of linux virus/ just a matter of time...the irony is ppl are making linux more popular...and that itslef will lead to more virus/worm/malware attacks!
yep, there are few linux worms and viruses but linux is being updated so quickly and the distros are so varied that they generally dont propogate well or run on all distros. hence difficult to make and linux being inherently secure is difficult to compromize.