Security Vulnerabilities in Linksys Routers

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The router itself was only a mechanism to demonstrate the attack. During my research process, I thought it would be good to take a look at how Cisco's newer devices did in regards to securing their administration features. I chose the Linksys EA2700 Network Manager N600 Wi_Fi Wireless-N Router because it is a major brand device, and was recently released in March 2012, making it an easy choice for home users looking for an easy to use home Wi-Fi router. I hooked it up and spent maybe 30 minutes testing the security of the embedded website used to manage the device, then never used it again. What I found was so terrible, awful, and completely inexcusable! It only took 30 minutes to come to the conclusion that any network with an EA2700 router on it is an insecure network!

On March 5, 2013, I emailed my research to Cisco.
Today I am publishing 5 Linksys router vulnerabilities so that consumers may be aware of the risks.
I imagine if Belkin deal has been complete because it is their headache now!