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hi all.i dono much abt networking and sharing in lan.but i want to know some points.have a look at this picture.i think we r getting internet from sify by this method only(dono exactly 🤔 ).all i want to know is how to transfer files in differnt lans above the it possible?.if yes what is the procedure(p2p?) and what tools we pls(correct the mistakes if there r any)thanks
Don't see anything conceptually wrong with the diagram as per my observations of the Sify network.The box titled Sify probably includes the SAM server, DHCP server, Proxy server etc. etc. I think it is possible for computers on different LANs to contact eachother directly as long as the concerned LANs are behind one such specific set of "gateway to the internet" servers. These servers ofcourse serve a limited geographical area like one city etc.This is because often I get logs on my firewall from 10.x.x.x ips which are not from my LAN. Ofcourse most of the Sify ips logged are the external ip variety i.e. 202.117.x.x and the like. But since some of the 10.x.x.x kind of ips aren't shown in their external IP format I figure they get to me before they get to the Sify servers, that is they are able to directly contact my LAN from some other LAN.I guess any P2P application would work in such a scenario and you wouldn't be held back by your package speeds and limits. All you'd have to do is enter your friend's 10.x.x.x IP in the P2P program. The specifics of this would probably be better explained by my friends on this forum who are file sharing and download experts 😛.
i got it.Lancast is a feature which enables eMule Plus to work better on a LAN. It makes eMule Plus broadcast (UDP multicast) its shares onto the LAN. Other Lancast enabled eMule clients will listen for these broadcasts and download files at a much faster speeds using their private IP addresses. Lancast doesn't break eMule Plus as a p2p application it just adds to it, promotes more sharing and saves upload and download bandwidth in LAN environments. Lancast transfer speeds are not limited by upload/download limits.this means we can share files over lan(same or different lans? dono exactly).with max available speed(no limit).this function is available in emule plus new version.we have to enable this option in connection tab.reply me if some one know more details abt it
Okay, iam downloading this software right now.....tell me how to configure it so that we can share files over 2 different LANS
me and my friend just tested(on diff lans).but still its not i posted a question in their forum(emule's).and waiting for reply.

and lancast can be enabled from
preferences--->connection---->connection--click on enable lancast.

if u want to use lancast try to connect a public server(look at servers tab).
and for further details
thanks for ur response.i suggest first u try this tool on ur lan(if u have any friend).and then we can go for different lans
* i can't test it on my lan bcz i have no friends 🙁
The original post is not quite correct. By 'Sify' (I @$$ume you mean the gateway computer based on your diagram) is technically on the local lan. The gateway is connected to a router which may be connected to other routers (speed to the gateway is limited by your OS and ethernet card speed if the line is not damaged). Suprisingly though the gateway is used to authenticate the login, internet traffic p@$$es only through the router which is also on the same network. From the router I think sify has some head office in madras where it is actually connected to the internet (I may be wrong on this one). Speeds between 10.*.*.* are technically supposed to be 0 but there seem to be some exceptions, most likely those lan's have been connected for some reason. 10.same.*.* can vary but you will most likely get a decent speed. 10.same.same.* computers' speed is limited only by OS and ethernet card speed so things like 2.5 MBps transfers are possible (from experience).As far as I know this is correct but there is a chance that I could be wrong 🙂