Shell access via telnet or ssh to Nokia G-2425 possible?

I recently got an Airtel Xstream Connection. Airtel provided me with a Nokia G-2425 ONT. I accessed it's Web Login and enabled ssh and telnet from Security>Access Control. After connecting to it via ssh or telnet from my Linux machine it had some options one of them being ENABLE which would enable privileged mode. After enabling the privileged mode it had an option SHELL which would enable shell access. So after using the SHELL command it asked for username and password so I entered admin (WebGui Username) and Webgui pass which I had set but the password was incorrect. I even tried admin;admin, admin;air....(airtel wpa2 default pass), admin;(Current WPA2 Pass), etc. No Luck. At the option description it had something like 'Dynamic Password'. After checking the log it had logged the failed login attempts with program name 'vtysh'....
So has anybody been able to get the shell access?

Maybe @Shailendra P. can help.

Also, look at: Unlocking IAM's Nokia G-240W-A router (Part 1) ·
@Shailendra P. I need help about getting shell access on Airtel Xstream Nokia G-2425 router...
Yes ,I can help you with that. But I can't post here, DM me or email me. Factually there is only a bunch of people who successfully managed to crack 2425G.
Also : beware ,your all settings would be lost in obtaining root permission. Also a chance of bricking the device . I experimented on 18 Devices( 2425G) in process of obtaining root.
@Shailendra P. could you please share this how to root instructions with me please? I am noob on this site and I think PMs are not allowed. Could you please PM me? Thanks in advance!