Sify and azureus

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recently i noticed that my azureus client wasn't acceptin remote connections. the light just wont get green no matter what i tried , disablin XP firewall adn my own firewall adn the antivirus protection and just about evrything. 🙁
Try going to the Azurueu's Configuaration Wizard, and at the incomming port type 8090, which is Sify's port.That will bring the Green light back on. It helped me get a speed of 35kbps just on Azurueus, with every other Internet Application shutdown
my suggestion, shift to bitcomet...1stly comet does not make ghost files b4 downloading....this just fills up ur HDD2ndly..i've always had problems with azureus too...comet is simpler lighter and non java...and for me even the random port option works gr8.give it a try.
my frnd bitcomet is a black listed client it doesnt report data accurately to tracker's so bitcomet is a big no. u mite even get banned if ya use it on certain tracker's 🙁
azureus works fine on ma computer. try different clients and one of dem should work all rite.. try abc or maybe even the official client thought that does not have many features

I was under the impression that creating those ghost files helped to save your hard disk some of the smashing it goes through when you use torrents......
ghost file saves fragmentation of your HDD. and if you are going to download the file anyways, it does not really matter if u save hdd space by not using the feature. and the application does gives u an option to disable that option.
and oh yeah.. thought this might help.. for some reason if azureus can't start downloading on my computer then i go to file->restart and then it usually starts working fine. also which website are u using for ur torrent files,, there are not many functional websites left today..
hmmm thanks for the info..was not aware of tht...i dont understand what do u mean by comet being a black listed client...please tell me more abt this. also i avoid using azuerus cuz its too heavy on the resources.