Sify Business Ethics


People I want you to read this before deciding which Broad band provider you should choose.And also the sify user who download in big bunchs with out been aware of what goes behind the scenesHI, I have a unlimited account from sify, Untill now I was very happy with your services thought there are inconsistencysin server up time. To my surpirse I just discoverd that my days are been redused on it's own, Later I found that there is a new policy introdused by sify recently, which is for every extra 25 MB which exceeds 150 MB per day limit, One day is redused form my account !, Is this business ? Well I have no objection to this is business after all. What concerns me is there was no formal notification from sify by any means At least there should have been a email notification about this new policy, What I understande is that this is a trick to catch money nothing elseI would certainly preffer to move to a another vendor no matter a bit costly but honest in business sence.( This includes my whole group ) Come on just by we accepting the EULA, does it give sify ethical rights to do any thing any time without even sending notification to the customers. I would appericate any action which would satisfy me.Thnks
hey welcome to the forumand welcome to magical world of sify where u learn everyday on how low standards an isp can drop
Well if u read there tearms and condition they do say that they rserve the right to change the connection type details without notification adn it is not neccsary that they do say it 😛 thank god i left sify for good 😀 .