Sify Call Centers think customers are duffers.

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Some company Broadband 50mbps + Jio Airfiber 30mbps
I call CC to inform them that my speed is xtremely slow. I have normal d/l speed of 11.7 but i got 1.5 speed since last 2 days. The girl who answered me that i need to clean cookies and cache and other temporary files. She also told me that many people change dns config so it becomes slow due to that. I told her that i use the same which sify specified. Yet them seem to just read what is written in the scripts and do not try to understand why it is slow. They think we are just fools who use internet. They think customers are unaware of the calculations and can be fooled by giving vague answers of dns.
been used to that since more than a year...
Great, so now DNS servers and cookies can affect download speeds ...Expect this from sify ... if you are lucky enough to find someone at customer care, probability is in favour of meeting an underpayed, exploited and absolutely clueless individual, trained to repeat words dictated by his (overpayed, underworked, but equally clueless) boss.
right. they cannot actually do much about your speeds anyways. it is your CTO who has to take the final action. and CTOs are the worst form of human life on this planet.
Not only the CTOs but Sify's frigging SAM servers with their bandwidth management software 😉
right onCTO's and Sam servers are the real problem causes

the whole shaping of their business model sucks. its paying off now..but not so much in the long run with the bad publicity they are- will be getting due to the crap quality service