Sify Client does not work with Win98

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Yes using with super sify...... also tell me which file stays in the memory when i do the crtl alt del button in winxp? I shall now use win98 gold with this combination...shall it work....bcz my aim is to use win98 with sify.
Yes it will defenately work under windows 98."SuperSify - Keep Alive" this is the name you will find in the Task manager 🙂
cancer... i dont see anything like that in applications tab. in processes tab i can see some 2 to 3 new exec files so which one is yr file? meaning the excat name of exe file?
How will it show in the task manager when its not yet running in the system tray?

yes it worked.... But that Monitor word is a bit misleading... may be u can replace it by "minimize to system tray" ... 🙂 also if u can also use those bells below blinking in colours for network flow in yr next version? ! 😉
When you place your mouse cursor over the "Monitor" button., it will say wot you suggested in your post 🙂BTW, those are not bells but characters as you see on msn messenger.
oops Sorry i did not see those msn characters..... But that monitor word comes when u first install it. A user shall not know that there is a mouse over and most likely that user shall click exit button. So as a first time user may miss the monitor button and close the software and shall decide not to use it as it did not work. So I just gave u the suggestion. Also once user says I want to update every 1 hour the Monitor button changes to Tray so u may think here too .. 🙂 Monito and Tray are a bit misleading... I suggest to use just tray at both places.....