Sify's 75 meg a day 'hidden' clause?

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I see it no where on the website. Yet, around 3 seperate guys from customer care have told me the same. On shared connections, speeds are lowered to pathetic limits if data transfer go above 75 megs. Yeah, this is sify broadband for you and me. They hate to give us speeds and now they do not like us to do what we are supposed to do with a f**king broadband connection, that is use it.So, I get speeds ranging from 16-24 kbps (2-3KBps) during day time and the excuse I get is that I must have downloaded 75 megs of data during the night time when the speeds are OK...So, what explains this? The screenshot below shows my download speeds at pretty reasonable levels at 10:30pm just 30 minutes after I was getting 2-3KBps. It is not a new day, still I am getting great speeds. And if I am right, this will continue till 9-10am tomm morning irrespective of how much I download. Their software is either faulty, or they think we are just plain dumb. I just do not get it, why they are even in Broadband business in India?
Yeap. No matter how much I download through the night, the speeds remain crappy between just 10am and 10pm. This is inspite of the fact that they promise MINIMUM speeds of 48kbps on the pack I have. So, overall it is similar to 32kbps pack. Or even equivalent to the night only package. Unless you just need to chat during the day. because on 1-2 KBps speeds you can do little else.