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iam using bsnl broadband but iam facing problem from last 2 weak tht my bsnl internet speed up and down some time extremly slow and some time give usually 512 kbps iam getting normal speed in night or evn. and than again slow down like 129 kbps or 200 .250 . bsnl coustmore care does.nt recive any phn calls .???? i want to knw anyone using bsnl from punjab amritsar had been facing problem like me or my modem have any problem ?plss help
Post modem stats please.
Remove your MAC ID screen shot. I could be of a bad line condition. Ask the line man to give a clean line. If not fruitful visit the SDE of your exchange.
Could be something related to exchange then. Make a visit if they are not attending your call. May be with your friends facing the same issue.
The same is happening for us all these Days
They have these Problems:
1.High Pings2.Slow Speed3.Tripping all the time4.No Internet Time to Time2 day ago they gave me 1mbps speed for 3 to 4GB on a ul800
And now today the internet is Tripping, Slow speed, High ping, No Internet
And in the Night everything is Normal
We just have to wait and see