Slow Connection with 256Kbps

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I have been using DataOne in B'lore for last 6 months or so, but since last few weeks my connection speed have come down to less than 100Kbps (11KBps), always (I checked 3-5 times/day at all odd times). Though my next door connection is showing solid 230Kbps plus always. I normally use Mcafee speedometer, but been trying few others off-late. Searched in this forum for some cluue, but no hope.If Im correct, I started noticing this since I used the new laptop and D-Link wireless router (both happened on the same day). I didn't change any settings with my Huawei Modem (since it was already in Bridged mode), instead configured DLink to this pretty easily. But, when I disconnect DLik and used Huawei directly connected, still its same sluggish.Has anyone experienced this ? Could a bad (physical) line cause this ? Coz, I get lotsa disturbance on my phone-line as well. Or some tuning required in XP ? Or at DataOne server ? Well, I have logged a complain three days back, and as usual none have called back yet.Any hint would be greatly appreciated.
If you have noise in your tel. connection then i m sure u are going to have a low SNR , for which your speed is slowing down. Contact your local customer care center and complain of slow speeds
Thanks Cirux for that. I also noted in MT800 configuration that the Attenuation is pretty high (at 12db for UL; and 22db for DL), though the SNR seems to be reasonably at 30_db. I'm almost sure that this high attenuation also adds my problem.Unfortunately, I could NOT find a way to set or change SNR and/or Attenuation values. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA how can I change these values ? I'm sort of desperate now because the BSNL folks have not responded yet (after two complaints).Thanks Much!
r you really going to do this?....look no offense .......its not you job......better you go to the BSNL office and register a written complain
Well, I logged one and the person called me up and told me that she can assist me doing that if I'm comfortable. Unfortunately, by the time I connect and hooked the modem, power went off, and I had to postpone. Then yes'y night I tried, but couldn't find an option to change these two values. It just reports the values in DSL Statistics page.I think I'll call them up again and have them guide me thru the process. I still think that this is something that can be set at Modem.
Hey suns u have to contact the local exchange for that

OK, I give up here 🙂 Will get some moron from BSNL to do this!!!Thanks to you both for the leads. Have great week-end!
check your connection speed at night. As in the morning more and more users get connected to the network. Using MTNL Triband from last five months when i surf at noon around 12 and when i surf in night make a big difference in the speed i get. 🙂
I checked (have been checking last couple of weeks) at all possible/odd hours, and its pretty slow allways. Suprisingly, each online speedo-meter shows different values even when checked within couple of minutes span. And this varies from 9KBps to 25KBps. I'm just going nuts here. I've downloaded DU Meter and NetWorx (suggested from this forum), and decided to monitor for few days.
Don't do speed tests using DU meter, Networx etc. because it tests the speed of the lan NIC and not the ADSL connection. (i have observed this, i may be wrong). Once, I downloaded 20 MB by ADSL and DU meter showed I have download 42 MB.

DU meter, etc. is not reliable. Please test your connection speed at any of the following sites:

Also, login to your router and post your line statistics here (including Attenuation, Downstream ADSL link speed, SNR, etc.)