Slow Speeds and High Ping at certain times of the day (100mbps plan)

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Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Airtel Xstream Fiber
I have a 100mbps Airtel Xstream fiber plan which starts giving low speeds (10-20 mbps upload and download using Ethernet) and high ping (100-150ms using ethernet, while usually it is 10ms) AROUND the following periods of the day (12pm - 4pm) and ( 8pm- 11pm). What reason do you guys think causes this to happen? This has been happening since 13th October, 2020.
Also, below are the Optical Module stats from my Nokia G-140W-F router which was provided by the company itself, not sure what it means, but kindlyy let me know if they are normal or otherwise.

Laser Bias Current (ONT ANI-ONT-Side Optical Measurements):
14648 uA
Optics Module Voltage (ONT ANI-ONT-Side Optical Measurements):
3203000 uV
Optics Module Temperature (ONT ANI-ONT-Side Optical Measurements):
54.10 °C
Rx Optics Signal Level at 1490 nm (ONT ANI-ONT-Side Optical Measurements):
-22.60 dBm
Tx Optics Signal Level at 1310 nm (ONT ANI-ONT-Side Optical Measurements):
2.20 dBm
Lower (ONT ANI-ONT-Side Optical Measurements-Optical Threshold):
-27.95 dBm
Upper (ONT ANI-ONT-Side Optical Measurements-Optical Threshold):
-7.00 dBm

Thank you!
same problem