Smart BSNL Broadband people in Gurgaon

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I had applied for a BSNL connection in Gurgaon through the online enquiry form on their website. I got no response for like 3 weeks. Today, out of nowhere they sent me a mail. Oops. Not me, but around 500 people. All the email ids of all the people who had applied for the connection through their online form have been sent the same mail with all the email ids specified in the TO field of the mail form. This gives me a decent enough list of valid mail ids of extremely potential rich people around me. Wot say you idiot BSNL people?Ever heard of BCC facility in mail clients?
Hey Sushubh, ditching Airtel, or just getting another connection?Keep that list handy.... you never know... BSNL might just turn out to have some issues on it's own.. and having your own little mailing list of BSNL users could prove useful... after all 500 people complaining from the same area is a nice tool to have 😉
i just need to give it a test ride and have fun dealing with BSNL guys. 🙂