So, how hot is it at your place?

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Thursday turned out to be sweaty for Delhi as the maximum temperatures in the city soared up to 36.1 degree Celsius, which the weathermen said was quite normal for this time of the year.The minimum temperature was recorded as 22.4 degrees Celsius, that is two degrees above normal.
Apparently Delhi has already hit 36°C this year.
My iPhones weather widget says 31°C.
This summer season is going to be... amazing. /s

Not bad right now.

Bangalore is around 36 degrees, going towards 40
It is my fifth year in Bangalore, visited this place in summer when I was a kid many times but never ever it was so hot.
The reason people prefer Bangalore was bcos of weather since the infrastructure, transport is terrible, house rent rates probably next highest after Bombay.
I remember in the first two years 2008 and 2009 I had switched on fan for only two months, it used to be so pleasant here!