So what to do when 198 & 1800 are not responding?

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There are landline numbers for both MTNL & BSNL, which can be dialed from Mobile or any other phone. e.g. 1800228844 & 22221504 for MTNL Mumbai.
For BSNL (Your STD Code) + 21211500 or 21211504. 1800-345-1500 (Toll Free). Also +91-[color=#333333;]94-160-24365[/color] (Gurgaon/Haryana) or [color=#333333;]+91-94-120[/color]-24365 (NOIDA/UP-W)
Link light can be dead due to several reasons like,

[*]Power Failure or Router Malconfiguration or anything related to router.
[*]Dead Line because of your fault (You haven't paid Bill :tongue🙂
[*]Dead Line becuase of other's fault (Municipal Corp people Dug the hole!!!)
Just try to eliminate problems from your end. Also stay calm & cool. 😛layful:
Best solution
Restart the Modem couple of times, it comes by itself.

Yup. Restarting the modem is not going to do anything. It happens from the gateway.
my experience:
Last week BSNL was down for about 8 hours, from 6 in the morning. I was busy otherwise, and lodged a complaint through 1504 around 2pm. Presto, as soon as I put the phone down, net started working, as if BSNL was waiting for me to complain. Two days later, some one rang to check whether everything is OK.
Sometimes, if the Belkin modem fails to connect and keeps blinking, switching off and then ON after a few seconds completes the connection.