Softwares you use ?

Dukes Mangola

Okay, I realise talking of cracked/pirated softwares that one may use might not be tolerated on most forums. But, no one can possibly object to talking about paid softwares we use that wasnt cracked/pirated. So, of all the softwares (paid ones), which ones do you recommend and use, and have actually paid for ? 😛 Personally my list has zero items.
well i have donated not paid to wordpress and wikipedia projects.
Dnt worry akash!!!!!Ppl belive that dnloading full versions means buyin em!!!!:lol :lol: :lol:
If possible I would love to buy all original softwares for my pc. If i can afford it tomo, il buy all original softwares. Its a different and proud feeling to have a original software. 😀
i donot belive u actually bought those software.if yes than u"ll be the only person in india to buy winrar n Internet Download Managern one more thing use flashget its better than internet download manager
^^ ok i was kiddingi have not bought a single piece of original software.i only use "free" software. 😀