Solving common annoyances

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Atleast according to me, the biggest problem with sify is the complications and annoyances, so post your solutions to them here ...

Here is a link where many have been gotten around -

If anyone could reverse engineer the client, making it occupy a lot less memory, and take less time to load up (it communicates with the local gateway I think) that would be great.
Originally posted by Sushubh@Oct 19 2004, 01:09 PM
is that forum real slow or my net s*cks exceptionally more today! :lol:

my list is already here:
No the forum loads fast to me. I use unlimited 32+. i bored of using f*ck'n windows so i stared using linux(suse9.1 pro) and running proxy server for myself it cache everything and surfing is fast. I suggest you use Linux with proxy server running. try it?
the sify client doesn't use 540 kb of memory..i think you are misreading it.. i'll bet it's more like 5.40 mb.. how abt a screen shot surjeet..