Some more queries about BSNL Dataone..

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Hi,1)How is the DataOne bill delivered? Is it in same bill paper as our BSNL Landline fone bill? OR does it come in different paper?(Coz my company pays for limited amt. of BSNL bill. So will the company pay my DataOne bill within that amt?)2)What is better - Going for monthly rental for Modem or buying a modem(if buying, then from BSNL or self buy?)?3)Can i use the Home250 plan on 2 computers thru the suitable type3 modem?(Coz it is written in FAQ that only 1 computer can use the plan.)
1. Dataone broadband bill is included with BSNL phone bill .
2. I suggest buying modem either from BSNL or from market .
3. unofficially , Home 250 plan can be used on two computers .
however , it would be better to opt for Home 500 plan .
^ if you are sure that your usage is limited to 1GB then okay . as
you are interested in connecting two computers to the net , your
usage might exceed the limit - hence I suggested it . pls ignore .
thanks sheshu, one more thing. Can you/someone else suggest me a place in/near Noida (or Delhi) where old switches can be sold off?-thanks.