Some Websites unblocked!

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I have just now tested some websites which were previously blocked and they now seem to be unblocked.
Im using cloudflare dns but that shouldnt matter as Jio blocks via DPI.
Here are the websites I tested:
p1rate bay,1EE7x,xnxx
But websites blocked by Govt are still blocked like link-removed, PH etc.
I hope posting links is not bad as I am a newbie here please forgive me if its against the forum rules.
PH is also working on Airtel Fiber without any VPN or circumventor and on default DNS
When a big budget Bollywood movie is about to be released, they (Film produces/distributors) get a John Doe order from High Court or Supreme Court magistrate and blanket ban all file sharing sites. This is possible after lobbying and they manage such feat through agents and all back channels. After 2 months, the ban is lifted.

@tatyasky Jio blocks websites using DPI on their own wish. They have blocked these websites since the start of their service so that's not the case.
That DPI block can be easily bypassed by goodbyedpi-0.1.6 script nottl option. However it is not VPN and all your activity will still be logged.
@tatyasky I know about it, I use powertunnel which has a nice GUI and works with Linux. goodbye dpi doesn't and useless to me as most of my time is spent in Linux and not Windows.
And it seems they blocked them again So maybe they were messing around with their DPI tools yesterday night.