Sorry state of (US) broadband

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Tata Play 1 gbps, Microscan 500 mbps and PDPL 300 mbps.
i dont like this giga om guy. he once threatened to sue me. 🙁
ahahaha, americans (and "naturalised" immigrants) are like that... "litigious". maybe you told him he writes like a sissy or something 🙂
Originally posted by vishalrao
ahahaha, americans (and "naturalised" immigrants) are like that... "litigious". maybe you told him he writes like a sissy or something 🙂

Maybe this would help.
Om Malik is a San Francisco-based senior writer for Business 2.0. He has covered technology and telecom for over a decade for publications like Forbes, and Red Herring. Om has contributed to The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and MIT Technology Review. He is the author of the book Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist. His daily rants on tech/telecom and broadband can be found at his often updated blog, [url=][/url]
His blogs get around a 1000 views a day, and google results showed more than 2 million results. Enough said.
Originally posted by vishalrao@Feb 15 2006, 05:29 AM
hehe, if the US is in a sorry state compared to France, and we're surely in a sorry state compared to US... then WHAT-the-heck-state are we in compared to France? ans: more than sorry, tragic even
We dont pay 50% income tax here, neither does the US 😛

..nuff said.
Originally posted by amogh_gulwady+Feb 16 2006, 07:10 PM-->QUOTE(amogh_gulwady @ Feb 16 2006, 07:10 PM)

maybe he got fame from his "Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist" book...but in any case, why bother about the guy, i just read some of his broadband-related posts when they show up, coz that's what we need... brooaad band !
heh, and the topic of the post was supposed to be... government net neutrality...the chris holland blog post, mentions that some of the countries (like France) have such good broadband IN SPITE of government involvement (regulations etc)... paradoxically... (second paragraph is the juicy bits)we need local loop unbundling and de-cartelisation, to boost competition...right now the greedy isps want to utilise their bandwidth for mobile phone talk time... charge you megabucks for speech bandwidth... which is like, what? - 8 kbps? they charge you rs 250/- per month for that plus per-minute 250 per month for 8 kbps is much more lucrative than say, charging you rs 250 for a 256 kbps home plan hehebut there is hope, if only trai and bsnl can see the light, and start affordable, high-speed, and unlimited (or virtually unlimited) plans... without waiting for other players to compete, catch up and surpass (like airtel's doing). that will kick off some real world-class broadband here...its like how bsnl kicked off broadband when they launched home plans of at least 256k, while the other greedy bastids (including airtel) were peddling 32, 64 kbps, made them play catch up didnt it?too bad there are not many PCs in homes, which is why these people dont bother competing here... rather compete where every tom, dick and harry carries mobile phones...maybe we'll just skip over wired broadband and go straight for wireless everywhere... WiMax, EDGE, EVDO, HSDPA and all that ... once the dust settles and some successful standard emerges, that will be the end of the cable and phone-company monopoly of the wires 🙂 then the only differentiator will be if they offer speeds higher than whatever the wireless tech can do (256k - 2 mbps or more! hheh)