Soundwave for Google Android and Apple iOS

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With Soundwave, you can instantly and easily share what you are listening to on your phone and see what your friends, family and favorites (musicians, athletes, celebs) are listening to on theirs. Inspire yourself by plugging into your music world to see what’s playing. It’s fast, free, simple and beautifully addictive.
Discover new music as quickly as its played. Soundwave tracks what you play on your regular music players, as well as through streaming services like Spotify and Rdio. These songs instantly appear in the beautifully crafted activity feed, providing a window into your music world - what your friend’s and others that you follow are listening to right now.
Instantly see what songs are playing at any location (country, city, street, building) simply by drawing a circle over any location of your choosing with your finger to see in real time what songs are playing and the top played songs for that area.
Songs discovered can instantly be previewed, viewed on YouTube, streamed on SoundCloud and purchased directly from Soundwave. Discovering new music doesn’t have to be a chore. Download Soundwave for free today!