Speed On Bitcomet

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13KBps in the daytime, 25-26KBps at night.
is there any port forwarding required 4 bitcomet wid airtel???????i get only 10 kbps during day and nite and its uploading like hell.
Yeah port forwarding is required to enable u to get incoming connections. Go through the Airtel forum and u'll find detailed posts regarding port forwarding n all. Also cap ur uploads to abt 6-7KBps.
Check for remote connections in the peers tab. If u see only local connections, then u need to forward the port u've specifed in bitcomet in the modem.

hey waterloo...u frm s.delhi na.....how do u check ur usage?....i mean wats the address for checkin the usage?
Will calling the Airtel CC and asking them to open ports help? Has anyone tried doing this before? I also need to open ports...bit comet shows only local peers....and this is curbing my downloading...... tried the link given above, but cannot proceed beyond step 1. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
You can check ur usage here : http://north.airtelbroadband.in/airtelnorth.html
Ur user id is ur tel no. 011XXXXXXXX (delhi) and the default password (unless u changed it) is ur Account No. (refer to ur past bills). The site is not of much use though since the usage stats are time based i.e. duration and pulses.

@gabruputt, Airtel doesn't block any ports. You just need to configure port forwarding correctly. What link are u talking abt and what problem did u face while configuring?
What speeds do u get with regular http downloads from sites like download.com? Also keep in mind speeds vary from torrent to torrent. Latest torrents always attract a large number of leechers (downloaders) while the number of seeds (people having & sharing the full torrent) is quite low and this causes choking, so they're slow to start with but gradually pick up speed.Also limit ur upload speeds to under 7KBps as they're quite low on Airtel generally.
"Remote " or "local" just specifies who started the particular connection between the two clients.So if you are getting "remote" initiated connections from other peers/seeds then the port forwarding is done well and other clients can connect to you. Hence you need port forwarding to improve speeds as it facilitates connections bothways...else you can only initiate connections which may affect your speeds.