Srilanka India Unitech Cup 2006

MTNL triband
hey,post ur thoughts here about the upcoming cricket series.............between india and srilankait ws sad that SA decided to pull out from the series
the SA team din wanna play... they had gone to SL for a vacation. They had their free fun and then decided to go back.
they weren't received by their country on red carpet though.........were criticised by everybody they were called sisis( fearful girls)
Anyone catch the drama at the Oval ? lolThe Pakistanis shot themselves in the foot. Pathetic display by Inzy and co.And their PCB chairman Shahryar Khan showed himself to be no worse a liar than their country's president.

shdn't daryll hair be screwed??? :angry: person known for being racist....he hates asia.......he's critised even in eng...but hailed in australia.....
i think u should be blaming ICC for keeping him as the umpire in matches involving asian countries.
I have a different opinion to almost every Indian 😛 Darrell Hair was just doing his job. Rule 42.3 allows an umpire to make the conclusion of tampering purely if he is satisfied from the condition of the ball. It is not necessary for him to have actually caught a fielder in the act.Umpire Venkat agrees too.