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Trib 649_Combo
i read that u can set static ip settings for mtnl triband. is it true? how does one set static ip? is it better than automatic settings?
which static IP u're talking about, LAN or WAN???
i doubt.... the static ip hs to be assigned my the isp....the way u check if its working is if u have a software like hfs(http file server).. ask it to find the xternal link i.e the internet link... i use the software to transfer files on my lan... my old interne was thru pacenet... but pacenet also assigned static ip.. although it used to change each time i log on.. it used to remain static for that session... but mtnl has no such thing i guess cause hfs dint find the external link
ofcourse its wan. lan ips are always static.[/b]

well, my dear friend Prophet of the Pimps, in the DSL 502, the default option for getting a LAN IP is "Obtain an IP Automatically" which means, if u're in a network, i.e., more than one PC, u'll get different LAN IPs each time u start... 🙂

so in case u want to give a static LAN IP to the PC and not obtain it from the Router, u've to set few things up...

and that's what i was asking our new fella lokesh...coz i don't think he's talking about the WAN static IP was just confirming before anyone can give a proper answer 🙂
yes... thers sumthin called a dhcp server that automatically sets up the ips n the dns servers.... and also sumthing that i noticed was that in the dsl 502t u have an option where u can assign a mac address to an ip... so each time the comp comes on it always gets the same ip