Strange problem with JioFiber

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Airtel, Jio
(Have used BSNL, GTPL, Tikona, Spectra too)
Hi, I am facing a strange problem with JioFiber since the last few days.
Internet is working properly - with websites opening and getting plan speeds on speedtest. However, I am facing issues with:
  • Netflix - the videos don't play (on app, in browser, on TV)
  • YouTube - Videos get stuck in between and keep on buffering
  • App updates - on Android, the updates get stuck only during the last few KBs. For eg. if it is a 30Mb update, it will download till 29.9mb and then get stuck.
  • Some other apps/websites also do not function properly.
I have tried changing the DNS, but it didn't help.
All the above sites/apps work properly on Jio 4G/Airtel 4G.

Spoke to the customer care but as expected they have no clue.

Any one else facing a similar problem or can guide with the solution?
Try running Intra app from playstore and let us know the results.