'subah Savere'

should've logged on earlier, but been getting 30-40kb/s on my 128 (home699) line for an hour or so... anyone else experiencing this (anomaly?) ? (my location: south delhi)
yes i am also getting around 512 kbps or 40-50 kb/s on my 699 home 128 plan.from 6 am and still its 12 pm and i am geting the same speed . 😀 :lol:i am from west delhi
Yes even i am getting double speed 45-50 KBps 😉 I am from Noida. Looks like its happening all over Delhi & NCR!
super speed drop... ~ 1-4kb/s :-(the chap on the phone said some planned server upgrade is going on :-(oof... 40kb/s se 4kb/s :-(
This happened last week in BLR, went off Thur @8pm to resume at 5AM the next day.Some sort of problem/upgrade is what i was told.

No speed drop here as yet 😀 . Lets see for how much time it continues. Its already 24 hrs since this 40-45 speed started.
Damn it! I thought they had inadvertantly upgraded me to a 512kbps plan or somthing since u guys took a while to post abt it and it's been almost a day. So it's just a temporary glitch..................I HATE YOU PPL 🙁Also my stats have changed. Attenuation has increased, data rate has dropped slightly to 576 (mine was set at 591 earlier). And i too experienced the speed drops when i rebooted the modem. Just keep rebooting till u get back the speeds.
thanks for the tip about rebooting, waterloo. it helped me get back to 40kb/s after suffering one-tenth of that yesterday. Tiger (HOTiSO 🙂, here i come!
Getting 55+Kbs since yesterday, they might have upgraded to 256K plans to 512K. Heard rumours from some engineers that it was their 15th Aug Celebration plan, Still have to confirm it.