suggest a good anti virus (paid)

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basically i want a anti virus software which will block all malicious files & softwares, also it needs to work correctly in virus scan. i am using win 7 ultimate and not going to upgrade to win 8.
some anti virus makes pc slow, not want that type of software. no problem whatever the price will be and will like to buy an hard copy from local store.
I would suggest Panda Cloud Antivirus. Try the free version. If you are fine with its performance, consider the paid version with more features.
i heard free ones never works and it never detects anything. if its true then not of any use to install free version. if it will work then i will give a try. btw which one you are using admin?
The one that came with Windows 8. Windows Defender. Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7.Free antiviruses are limited in feature but they work just fine. If you are using a good brand. Microsoft Security Essentials should be fine for you. Unless of course you have a habit of installing weird software from random websites. :