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Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir
I changed my BSNL FTTH plan from 100 to 300Mbps, but I am unable to cross 100mbps. Can someone explain this to me? I think it is due to the fact that my current router is ONT HG 850a (GPON terminal), the default one which guys from BSNL installed. The box clearly says upto 100Mbps. So is it my ONT Terminal which is causing the bottleneck. If yes, can someone suggest me a better ONT Terminal. I mainly use internet for media consumption and gaming. Also what wifi router should I purchase along with this so that I get decent Wifi Speeds. I only get about 20-30mbps using a standard Digisol wifi router.

Thank you!
TP-Link archer C6 is a good wifi router. Its gigabit router plus it has both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz bands. You will get full speeds on 5 ghz band and less speed on 2.4 ghz band.
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@DanishB I think Archer a6 (2019)is latest one as compared to c6(2018), but both have exactly same features and most of the time same price as well. I got A6 last week for 2.5k , right now its Rs2150 and this the lowest price for till now , unless you want to wait for 16oct sale. (Also don’t confuse with archer c60 as lan ports are not gigabit for that)
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@Tenet TP-Link is wifi router I guess. My bad I did not explained my point well. My ONT HG 850a(GPON Terminal) feeds in the optical cable and has 4 LAN ports which then I connect to the routers for Wifi. This Terminal has a 100Mbps cap. So will it make a difference If I connect a better router via this terminal? I don't think so. Correct me If I am wrong but the TP Link Archer needs an ethernet input but the problem is optical cable terminates at my home, so I need like an adapter to first convert the optical cable into RJ45 and then feed this into the TP-Link router. See the pic.

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@DanishB I have Syrotech SY-GPON-1110-WDONT , I didn’t knew if it had gigabit lan ports . (I am lucky because it worked) It has 2 lan ports and I assume either 1 or both are gigabit , because I connected archer a6 randomly in first port . Also do check if the lan cable you are using is cat5e or more to support gigabit.
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