Sun Network - Channels?

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Are sun channels available on Zee DishTV ?
Then why are we discussing this? The topic should be changed to when is Sun Network arriving on DTH platforms..My guess is soon as the previous satellite they had booked their transponders on, crashed and burned
QUOTE(mhsabir @ Jan 31 2007, 03:12 PM) [snapback]77813[/snapback]
Sun Tv & Sun News are available on Dish TV per their website.[/b]

Sun TV is the only channel amont SUNT network available in DTH, SUN News , KTY, Surya,gemini are not availanle on DTH

even i dont see sun ..but i think now its time for Tata Sky to start offering differentpackages.. because sun channels are of no use to me..if they cant offer individualchannels then they shud atleast start offering packages as star package, zee package,Sony package, sun package and may be FTA package too. then i am sure more pplwill switch to them.
It was the only reason some people in Chennai were not opting for it. This will help Tata Sky penetrate the market upto its potential